The Little Book of Speaking Talent

52 tips for Improving your Public Speaking Skills

Speaking is a fundamental skill for professionals like you!

Speaking increases you professional visibility, builds reputation and attracts the best projects.

It also improves the thinking process. When we externalize our thoughts, we organize and clarify connections. We get a deeper understanding of the topic we are talking about.

Whether you are starting or you speak for many years, this book will give you actionable and scientifically proven ways for you to build this important skill.

Everything you need to use Speaking to Accelerate your Career

Speaking Skills

Understand the most important speaking skills so you can become an engaging and respected speaker, enchant your audiences, and help change their lives.

Engaging Speaker

Capture the attention and interest of the audience.

Respected Speaker

Use your experience to solve real problems and building trust.

Enchant your Audience

Take your audience beyond the presentation to a new world where their dreams can become real.

Change Lives

Inspire, guide and empower your audiences to take action and help them take the next step on their path.

Structures of Presentations

Learn several presentation structures that you can use to present your ideas.

Submit Talks to Events

Learn the secrets of a great submission and how to get your talk approved.

Get Started

12 ideas to GET STARTED building your skills.

Improving Skills

30 actionable tips to IMPROVE your SKILLS.

Sustain Progress

10 actions to SUSTAIN PROGRESS.

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The Little Book of Speaking Talent

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It is about YOUR CAREER!

Full System to Share and Speak, so you can take your Career to the Next Level!

Low Hanging Talks

An easy to read, fast action book, to get you started with speaking today!

The Little Book of Speaking Talent

A deep dive in skill building so you can improve your speaking skills as much as you want!

Professional Speaker Training

Amazing content created by international speakers Bruno Souza and Venkat Subramaniam to help you professionalize your speaking skills.

Frequent Asked Questions


Speaking Skills
Skill #1: Focus on the Audience
Skill #2: Engagement
Skill #3 Sharing
Skill #4: Community Building
Skill #5: Solving Problems
Other Skills

Structures of Presentations
Problem / Solution / Benefits
Opportunity / Solution / Benefits
What / So what / What now (also known as What it is / Why it’s important / What to do)
Name the enemy / Why now? / Promised land / 28 obstacles and how to overcome / Show evidence
Question-driven Talks

What is a Presentation and How to Submit Talks to an Event

1) Start With Who You Want to Become
2) Spend 15 Minutes a Day Engraving the Skill On Your Brain
3) Steal Without Apology
4) Buy a Notebook
5) Be Willing to Be Stupid
6) Choose Spartan Over Luxurious
7) Before You Start, Figure Out If It’s a Hard or Soft Skill
8) To Build Hard Skills, Work Like a Careful Carpenter
9) To Build Soft Skills, Play Like a Skateboarder
10) Honor the Hard Skills
11) Don’t Fall For The Prodigy Myth
12) Pick a High-Quality Teacher or Coach

13) Find the Sweet Spot
14) Take Off Your Watch
15) Break Every Move Into Chunks
16) Each Day, Try To Build One Perfect Chunk
17) Embrace Struggle
18) Choose Five Minutes a Day Over an Hour a Week
19) Don’t Do “Drills.” Instead, Play Small Addictive Games
20) Practice Alone
21) Think in Images
22) Pay Attention Immediately After You Make a Mistake
23) Visualize The Wires of Your Brain Forming New Connections
24) Visualize the Connectivity Between the Wires of Your Brain Getting Faster
25) Shrink The Space
26) Slow it Down (even slower than you think)
27) Close Your Eyes
28) Mime It
29) When You Get It Right, Mark The Spot
30) Take a Nap
31) To Learn a New Move, Exaggerate It
32) Make Positive Reaches
33) To Learn From a Book, Close The Book
34) Use The Sandwich Technique
35) Use the 3 x 10 Technique
36) Invent Daily Tests
37) Use The REPS Gauge to Choose The Best Practice Method
38) Stop Before You’re Exhausted
39) Practice Immediately After Performance
40) Just Before Sleep, Watch a Mental Movie
41) End On A Positive Note
42) Six Ways To Be a Better Teacher Or Coach

43) Embrace Repetition
44) Have a Blue-Collar Mindset
45) For Every Hour of Competition, Spend Five Hours Practicing
46) Don’t Waste Time Breaking Bad Habits, Build New Ones
47) To Learn It More Deeply, Teach It
48) Give New Skills At Least Eight Weeks
49) When You Hit A Plateau, Make A Shift
50) Cultivate Your Grit
51) Keep Your Big Goals Secret
52) Think Like a Gardener, Work Like a Carpenter


When the Java Champion and International Speaker Venkat Subramaniam visit Brazil in 2019, we run a special workshop for speakers in São Paulo.

It was an 8 hours tour the force, where Bruno and Venkat covered all the important topics for professional speakers including Presenting, Live Coding, Storytelling and much more.

Targeted to professional speakers this will give you an amazing material to take your speaking skills to the next level.

The book comes with a 7 day, no questions asked warranty. If you are not totally satisfied, let me know, and I’ll return your money. And you can keep the book as a gift for trusting me!

The 7 day also works for the Speaker Training. If you are not amazed by it, let me know, and I’ll return the money, and you can keep the Little Book of Speaking Talent as a token of appreciation.

There is only one caveat: if you act fast and get the one-on-one session bonus, then you have to ask for the money back before the session happens!

If it is in this page, it is still valid!

I may decide to extend the offer for more people, if I’m able to find the time!

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